2018 Donors

We’re extremely grateful to the following people and organizations for providing general support as well as targeted support for specific fellowships and programs during calendar 2018. We also receive in-kind support, donations of space, and donations of assorted supplies from the kind folks here. Enjoy a look at the Class of 2018! (And if we’ve somehow forgotten to recognize you, please write us and let us know!)
All Star Champs ($500+)                               
Amazon Literary Partners                                                               
Steve & Beth Caskey                    
Jane Hodges & Dave Brewer     
Jess Martin
Mineral Lake Lions Club
Renate Raymond
Putsata Reang ’17 & April Rebollo
Star Roberts & Family
Sustainable Arts Foundation
Jason Vanhee ’16
Principal’s Office ($251-$500)
Rebekah Anderson
Susan Blubaugh
Urban Waite ’17 
June Dodge Club ($101-$250)
Andrea Lewicki
Diane Mapes
Cindy Pestka
Jennnie Shortridge          
Jane Taylor          
98355 Club ($50-100)
Tanja Baumann
Michele Bombardier ’17
Lisa Brewer
Doug Call
Wendy Call
Daren Donovan
Shawn & Ann Donovan
Connie Eggers ’16
Barbara Fischer
Michelle Goodman
Genny Greiter
Kristine Lloyd
Elise Lockhart
Kirsten Lunstrum ’15
Mary Matthews
John McClean
Donna Miscolta ’18
Bonnie Nygren ’18
Gage Opdenbrouw ’18               
Roger & Arden Prehn
Tyler Prehn
Elizabeth Quinn
Michelle Szwedo
Joyce Tomlinson
Honor Roll ($0-$49)
Anonymous (2)
Christopher Arkills
Ben Bear
Val Cashman
Carina Del Rosario ’18
Brian Donohue
Emily Donovan
Leslee Dunlap
Shawna Ervin ’17
Alfred Geiger
Rachel Haig
Nicole Hardy
Mary Jane Knecht 
David Partikian    
Chanira Reang
Pam Silverstein 
Sarah Whittaker