Board and Volunteers

Most of us assemble in the kitchen. Dora, Jane, Elisabeth, Nicole. Missing: Brian!

Most of us assemble in the kitchen. Dora, Jane, Elisabeth, Nicole. Missing: Jess!


Elisabeth Eaves is a Seattle-based journalist, memoirist, and novelist from Canada who has lived on several continents. The author of the memoirs Wanderlust and Bare, she writes about travel, science, and technology for national publications while also managing editing projects. She holds a masters degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. She is the co-founder of Type Set, a writers’ co-working space in Seattle.

Nicole Hardy is a Seattle-based poet, essayist, and memoirist who teaches at Hugo House and Seattle University. Her memoir Confessions of a Latter Day Virgin (2013) was nominated for a Washington State Book Award. She earned her MFA at Bennington College, and her recent essays have appeared in The New York Times and Washington Post. She is tackling a new manuscript about a year spent sailing a wooden tall ship around the world.

Jane Hodges founded Mineral School and splits her time between Seattle and Mineral. A journalist, book author (Rent vs. Own), and creative writer, her work now blends those interests. A graduate of Dartmouth (BA) and Sarah Lawrence (MFA), she served two years on the Lit Crawl Seattle board and completed University of Washington’s nonprofit management certificate. She serves on the Road to Rainier Scenic Byway Committee.

Jess Martin is a Mineral-based teacher, marketer, and outdoors woman. A graduate of Virginia Tech, she leads event planning for the Mt. Rainier Railroad & Logging Museum, and has worked for the Fire Mountain Arts Council in development as well as for Centralia College East, where she teaches social media. She cares deeply about economic development, entrepreneurship, and community, and she serves on the Road to Rainier Scenic Byway Committee.


That’s what we call Gary Johnson, of Mineral, prior owner of the Mineral Elementary School property from 2005-2010, which he upgraded and maintained and operated as the Mineral Lake Events Center, which provided music, film, beer fest, and other general-audience events. Previously, Johnson was facilities manager for a Kenworth truck plant. He shares an abundance of energy not only for building maintenance but also, more importantly, relationship building. A board member in 2014 and 2015, he has been instrumental with sharing everything from carpentry and contracting, to tips on county code compliance, well management, and just giving us good advice so our building thrives in its new iteration. Thanks, Gary!


Seattle Central Community College helped us redesign our web site, and Michelle Szwedo stayed after class to help us with our technology and design problems; we are all learning together. Our food advisor is Brian McDonald, an Olympia chef who has worked in restaurant, catering, and food brokerage and sales roles. During summer 2015, Bastyr University graduate students Brittany Rouse and Sarah Wall along with Brittany McGrath-Meints, an organic farmer from Puyallup, helped with culinary service for residencies; in 2016, we were lucky to have sports nutritionist Kelly Neville in the kitchen. We also need to give a shout out to Sara Everett, Kirsten Anderson, Todd Oman, Rebekah Anderson Fitzgerald, Elise Glassman and BruceAnna-Marie Sannes, Andy Holmes, yogini Cynthia Land, Lisa Brewer and Big Tall Rick, writers Joni Blecher and Megan McMorris, the mystic Fia, Joe Ray, Renate Raymond, Diane Mapes (the lunch lady who helped us build the library), Kathy Herrmann, Chelsea Werner-JatzkeLisa Sutherland Johnson, Amanda Castleman, and Kirsten and Nathan Lunstrom, for some unglamorous tasks in the buildings. Not to mention Portland Rob, the contractor-musician with a heart of gold and a box of tools. Cindy Pestka donated art, and several anonymous Northwest readers helped us jury applications for 2015 summer residency. Michelle Goodman, Sarah Zurat, Jenny Hayes, and Mia Lipman have all helped, too. And Dave Brewer painted, hauled, schlepped, enabled our tech gear, and is our telecom guru.


Along the way, we’ve received valuable programmatic and other support from our fiscal sponsor Shunpike and from The Alliance of Artists Communities. We’ve met a bunch of great people through Impact Hub Seattle, too. Writers Brian McGuigan, Jeremy Pataky, Linda Johns, Samiya Bashir, and Jack Downs have contributed their valuable time. We’re grateful to past board members including Genny Greiter, of Mineral; Dora Hale, of Mineral; Tracie Luthi, of Seattle; Derek Scheips, of Seattle; Stesha Brandon of Seattle, who manages programming for the Seattle Public Library; and Adam Angel, of Morton,  director and owner of the Kalākora Gallery. We are grateful to dancer and choreographer Bennyroyce Royon who nudged us toward launching a little earlier than we thought we were ready — to terrific results. In addition, we’ve gotten great advice from Robb Andrade, of Seattle, an entrepreneur; and Corinne Manning, of Seattle, a writer and literary entrepreneur. We also appreciate the help and encouragement of Harry Bhagwandin, Dick and Leslee Dunlap, Dave and Susan Manger, Carolyn McKelvie, and many others in or from metro Mineral. We’re grateful to Apex Law. And we’re happy to know and partner on projects with Fire Mountain Arts Council, Centralia College East, and Hugo House.