Why a residency?

10402685_772123349506336_5748197091943802592_nResidency can be a breakthrough time for a creative person — unstructured free time, without distractions and duties of normal life, can lead to epiphanies and intense productivity. The time can allow a too-busy person to take a necessary breath, to experiment with new forms, and to indulge in the kind of creative loafing that leads to the best artistic decision-making. Residency also broadens creative community.

Gabriela Denise Frank (’16) blogged about her residency, and many residents have sent us kind notes saying comments such as these:

“I still look back on my two weeks in Mineral as the most productive ‘six months’ I’ve ever had.”  — Janine Kovac, San Francisco

“I spent two weeks at Mineral School last June, and it was such a huge gift! The site is a unique place to write, surrounded as it is by gorgeous scenery (Mt. Rainier is right there!) and the small (and I mean small) town of Mineral. I found the place’s beauty and quiet incredibly restful, and I was able to get an enormous amount of writing done in that space…. I’d go back in a heartbeat.” — Kirsten Sundberg Lunstrum, Seattle, author of Swimming With Strangers and This Life She’s Chosen                                                                                                

The most magical part of my 2015 was the two weeks in July that I spent at the Mineral School writing residency. I didn’t have to cook. My phone didn’t get reception and the Wi-Fi access was limited, allowing me to disconnect from the outside world. My only responsibility during that time was to revise my memoir. It was glorious…. I wrote 23,999 new words, plus a synopsis for another book.” — Stephanie Kuehnert, Seattle, author of I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone and Ballads of Suburbia