About Mineral School

11147869_10152735083171191_7870072233466326127_nMineral School offers both an overnight artists residency program as well as public art events from a classic 1947 elementary school in a lake town near Mt. Rainier.

Mineral Elementary School operated until the early 2000s, when it was surplussed by its school district due to the declining student population in Mineral. (The original school was built in the 1910s or 1920s, but was burned to the ground by a student firebug. The building as we know it was built in 1947.) After Mineral Elementary closed, two Mineral residents purchased it and ran it from 2005 to 2010 as the Mineral Lake Events Center, offering a variety of types of events. 

Due to the challenging economy, in 2012 the property went back on the market. In fall 2013, a buyer purchased the building outright with an eye toward converting it into an artists residency and arts center that could serve the growing population of artists in the Pacific Northwest while uniting creative folks from there and around the U.S. to the Rainier foothills to make and share their work in a beautiful and calming setting.

Since 2014, Mineral School has worked diligently not only to solidify our organizational structure — forming a board and lease agreement with the real estate organization, securing fiscal sponsorship with arts facilitator Shunpike, reviving the kitchen, and launching our residency and other artist programs — but also on getting to know the welcoming community in Mineral and the nearby towns of Morton, Ashford, and Eatonville. We’ve also gotten to know the friendly female ghost who likes to hide keys and make noise. Read more about our artist programs and plans here.